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new person

Hello! I just joined this community (even though it seems kinda quiet :P)
I used to live in New Albany with my sis, but we've moved way up north for now.

Regardless, I was wondering if anyone's heard of this story. It was on KET about.. uhm.. 12 years ago? ^^; I was 6 so my memory is kind of shady! It came on around Halloween time, and I think it played for about 2 years. It was a collection of ghosts stories, and since it was on KET I'm going to assume that it was a collection of Kentuckiana ghost hauntings and mysterious happenings.

The story goes something like this : A girl was violently murdered, and was wrapped in a blanket and left in her house. The detectives came, and found her. They buried her near a small tree in her backyard, and when the tree grew up years later, it grew into the profile of her face. Creepy, ne? I think they also mentioned her haunting near the tree, but I really can't remember if anyone had proof of it, all they showed was a photograph of the tree.

That's all I really remember about it, unfortunately. The only other person who would remember it, has unfortunately passed away. So now my sis and I are racking our brains over it. Maybe anyone has heard of it or remembers the program?
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